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SPANISH WINE LOVER. 03 febr 2015

Passion for Spanish wine

Luis Arnedo produces in Aldeanueva de Ebro (Rioja Baja) only from his own vineyards, all planted by his grandfather, his father and himself. His only aim is to improve the work in the field and in the winery and to get the best out of this vineyard heritage. He is assisted by Olivier Rivère, who advises him on his winemaking, while the French producer makes his wines at the Lacus facilities. As a result of this entente, some unconventional labesl have come up. Their differential character seems to be intensified with the Inédito brand.

The classic red wine is Inédito 3/3 (7-8 euros) in allusion to the three red varieties present in the vineyards (tempranillo, garnacha and graciano). It is a direct wine, with settled fruit as it is bottled in June of the following year and is designed to be drunk without ever feeling you have enough. It is made with the youngest vines fermented in stainless steel and not in barrels.

Inédito S (about 11 euros) is an original coupage of 60% Graciano fermented with stems, one part in concrete and 40% Grenache.

It is made with grapes collected in the oldest estates, proving it gives consistency to the wine, as well as being an interesting commitment towards a fresher dimension in the Rioja Baja. There is also a single varietal wine of graciano called Inédito H12 (19 euros) which is only released on the market in special vintage years.

The White wines are equally original. Inédito Blanco (15 €) is a single-variety white garnacha from 50 years old vines and with seven months in the barrel. There are very few such wines in Rioja and all of them are relatively recent. Lastly the original InéditoTurrax (13 euros) tests a recently planted vineyard with 50% white maturana and 50% turruntés (the local name for the largest albillo). A white wine with exotic notes which we find interesting to keep an eye on and will keep track of it as the vineyard matures.