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C/Miguel Unamuno – 26559

Aldeanueva de Ebro

La Rioja – Spain

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Antonio Remesal Villar and Alberto Gil

Luis Arnedo belongs to the fifth generation of a family of winegrowers from Aldeanueva de Ebro and the first as a winemaker with the project he started in 2008: Bodegas Lacus. The winegrower cultivates 16 hectares of vineyards in the region and produces just over 30,000 bottles a year, despite the fact that he has sometimes been tempted, and had the opportunity, to make the leap to a higher production: “I like my project, its size allows me to control the vineyard, the winery and also the commercialization”.


A mature, honest and experienced winegrower with the attitude, enthrusiasin, restlessiess and strength of the young up-and-coming winemakers.


Luis Arnedo’s philosophy is that of a true vigneron who understands and interprets his vineyards with the honesty of someone who believes in the variability of the vintage years and who has found a niche market, especially internationally, for wines made with the traditional varieties of the area, garnacha and graciano for reds, and historic Rioja varieties for whites, such as white garnacha and the new plantations of turruntés and white maturana : “I was absolutely convinced about planting native varieties and I decided on what these two breeds could offer and the truth is that I am highly satisfied”.

Quietly, with the serenity and conviction of someone who knows how to do things well, Luis Arnedo has a range of wines that breaks away from clichéd and mistaken concepts of typicity,, even self- interested ones.
Bodegas Lacus’ INEDITO range of wines are made in the vineyard, but also very well taken care of in the winery, with organic viticulture, native varieties and subjected to the ups and downs and whims of the vintage years, as it can not be otherwise when your argument is the terroir,

Luis Arnedo shows his pride in cultivating vineyards and making wines from Rioja Baja, from Aldeanueva de Ebro; village wines, estate and plot wines, from vines planted by his ancestors and by himself in places with historical names such as “El bobo”(The Silly one) or “El gordo” (The fat one): “I actually found it rather difficult to indicate these names of the vineyards on the labels of my wines…”, jokes Luis Arnedo, but “I am totally in favor of differentiation”.

Perhaps you are familiar with the young Rioja & Roll movement, Bodegas Lacus is not linked directly to the movement, but on many occasions they have relied on this winemaker from Aldeanueva, being in his premises where more than one of these young talents has made wine.